"Luxury gifts for the ungiftable"

Unique desk top accessories to be admired

Goldgenie is proud to present a new executive range of 24K Gold embellished desktop stationery sets. Crafted by a one of the world’s finest traditional stationery designers and embellished in 24K Gold by Goldgenie’s artisans, these beautiful accessories will adorn your desk with old world elegance and timeless functionality.

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Pencil Sharpener and Ink Blotter

Comprising of a pencil sharpener and a French ink blotter, this stately pair of 24K Gold desktop ornaments are both beautiful and functional. Handcrafted in Spain, this exquisite set will ensure your letters are smudge free and that your writing is always sharp and admired.

Stapler, Paper Punch and Inkwell

Handcrafted in Spain by the finest traditional stationery makers in the world and including a beautifully finished stapler, paper punch and inkwell, this 24K Gold plated desktop set will elevate your workspace to stately heights. These pieces, which have been painstakingly assembled by hand merge the slow pace of old world craftsmanship with the demands of the busy fast-paced modern working environment. These lustrous accessories will infuse every day tasks with timeless elegance.

Desktop Clock with Pen Tray

This regal 24K gold-plated clock forges traditional craftsmanship with classic design and makes for a useful timeless ornament on any desktop.
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